All Glammed Up With My Bestest Friend! (finally, after two years, we saw each other again :’)

           Hi dear (s)! Above is a picture with my childhood BFF :’) Beverly! We were besties since June 18, 2004 when we were in our fourth grade. Now we’re already college students:/ BTW July 16 was the date then here; it was the celebration of her beloved sister’s debut! ^_^ (okay i should be blogging this in my personal blog but since it’s not yet official, i’ll blog about this here in my style blog :D sigh i’m really thinking that these two types of bloggin’ can’t be separated..agree?)

BTW some more BFF pictures by the end of this post..syempre save the best for last! :) For now, here’s an outfit post (what I wore to the event:)

       Pencil Cut Skirt, SM Girls’ Teens Wear; Black Tights, SM Department Store; Flats, thrifted

I wore something semi-formal in my most favorite color combo when it comes to clothing: BLACK AND PINK! And added a little touch of gold with the belt and earrings :D

              Pink sheer top, thrifted

               Black with Gold Cuff, Accessories from Ilocos; 'Twirled' Cuff, thrifted

               ^above shows the ’ back ’ view of the cuffs! hehe..i love this cropped pic btw:) 

        gold hoop earrings, Tokyo

           gold animal-textured thick belt, Novo       

This is a great bargain. If you’re a Filipino, you most probably know that Novo is not a brand of belts or not even a boutique! Haha. To non-filipino readers, this is mainly a store which sells trinkets, school supplies, things for the house, then some fashion pieces, all for affordable prices! This belt, I first saw it at 60 pesos. But I got on sale, so I bought it for…guess what? Twenty Philippine Pesos! Sigh.

         bag, from my uber fashionista aunt, Tita Grace;  white glasses, thrifted

..So there, my outfit ^_^ teehee.. Now, as promised, here are few more pictures with my bestestfriend Beverly!

     sorry for the low resolution :/ ‘twas in front of the mirror then..

             BTW i just feel the ‘need’ to post a pic of us way back then. I really am feeling nostalgic now! (We were grade six here, a wacky shot during our Toga Picture taken by Dad (yes, my Dad’s a prof. photographer  :) 

      these cupcakes(from the base of the gorgeous cake:) are beyond yummy! do i have to tell you which is mine and which is Bev’s? haha! naman! i think it’s obvious: look at the skin tone difference XD

        ^and here’s another gif! haha i guess i’m really that weird newbie style blogger who puts GIFs in almost all her posts :/ but anyway, just let me be :’))

           BTW of course, I can’t end this post without a picture of the star of the night, the debutante, Bev’s sister and also a good friend of mine, the so-beautiful-and-smart-and-kind ate Monica!!!! In case you’re wondering what my gift was to her, (coz that’s one of the most asked questions to me when my friends hear me attending debuts, events, etc..) she’s holding it above: the pink signature frame :D

             ^here is a picture with her :D Isn’t she soooooo lovely and gorgeous!?                            Now here’s a picture of the two lovely sisters in their glamorous pink gowns! =) BTW notice the gorgeous cake behind them! <3 I really miss this day :’D After October 23, 2009, I saw them again :’)

Friendship doesn’t really need frequent meet-ups. What matters is you stay true to each other, no matter what.

BTW friends, before I start crying, here’s another post then! :)) hehe I hope everyone is having a great time now in Holidays. Yay! Sulitin na natin, schooldays are almost there again o_o ohh I’m afraid I won’t be able to blog much and check my lookbook come next year :((((( It will be very busssssssssssssy (Hello, college projectssss!) But anyway, hope you keep in touch guySs :D

God bless and stay stylish!

Lotsa Love, Graceeeeeeeeeeeeee ♥ 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

PS Hype my look at lookbook here :)

         In love with pink and my pink cupcake ;) (by Eclavea Grace ♥_♥ (The Fashournalist) )

PS2 All pictures I chose to post here were taken by my Dad and company. (I seriously dunno the names of the crew with him) Some ‘vain’ pics like that in front of the mirror were taken by me though.

Inquiries on event coverage by my ‘rents? e-mail me at =) Thanks!!

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