Campus Style Files #2

Hi dearies! is the second batch of Campus Style Files! :) For your dose of school outfit inspirations :D Here are the pictures  [amateur fashion photography shots] I took of during the second week of January (Jan. 10 to 17 :)

          Kei, BA Communication Arts ‘11

            Sky, BA Communication Arts ‘11

         Tin, ‘11

             Jia, BS Biology ‘11

        [ate] Ynik, BS Development Communication ‘08 (vote for her! the UPLB University Student Council Chairperson A.Y. 2012-2013 this coming elections on Feb. 22-24)

      Aira, BA Communication Arts ‘11

         Mary, BS Development Communication ‘11

….Dresses or tops, bag packs or sling bags, polos or blazers, pants or shorts, long sleeved or short sleeved, plain or printed.. diverse styles but all chic and school-comfy! :D ..different outfits for different moods :)

..And there you have it dear (s) ! le second set of UPLB Campus Style Files :D

Which is your favorite outfit? :)

God bless you all!! 

'til my next post,

Graceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee < 3

Introducing.. Campus Style Files! =)

Hi lovely dearies! Let me introduce to you a new segment here..                          "fashournalist’s CAMPUS STYLE FILES" For our dose of school outfit inspirations :)

Note: I wrote a Three-Paragraph Introduction of this segment for an hour and guess what happened? Google crashed! What? So now, let me move on with the first pictures I took during the first week of 2012 which I should have uploaded 2 weeks ago:) Later (probably this weekend) I will blog of the background of this segment :D 

Their names and courses? I’ll update this post next time :) Sigh. I’m busier than ever! I hope you’ll like this segment :)

Love you dearies!

Lotsa love,

Graceeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee < 3

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