"Grace, you weave magic with your words…"

— Ma’am Betsie Krueger (Toastmaster, UPLB Speech Communication 104 Teacher, Founding Mother of UP Model United Nations)

2007 To 2014 Beverly and Grace: From Biking Days to Travelling The World

Seven years ago, you taught me how to bike. I used to do it as a kid but I never were able to use the one with only two wheels. But March 23, 2007 was such as memorable Friday.

Not only was it three days before our very memorable Graduation at Orchard Palmer Hall, but it was the day when I finally learned to let go of the four-wheeled kiddy bike. We were Grade 6 back then, very young and very naive. I bet, those days, we had no idea that seven years after, we will have a different kind of life.

I had a lot of tries before I finally learned how to do so. Thankfully, you were the best friend who never gave up on teaching me and demonstrating to me how it actually worked. Just like you never gave up whenever I was down, judged, and persecuted. You always told me that I could ride that mountain bike of yours, just like you always told me that I could surpass every trial I faced in my roller coaster, novel-like elementary life. (which would otherwise be very empty without your presence)

You were the person who stayed with me through thick and thin, whether I’m fat or thin. Oops. Wrong. You knew that since you first saw me when we were Grade 2, I was never thin. Uhm, yes, until now. Haha. Maybe in 2015 I will write another article like this and I’ll put a note about how we changed—and I will include my weight. FINALLY.

You told me that I have to let go of my fears so that I can make it straight. Your green gates were witnesses to all my flunked tries. HAHA. Do you remember when you used to catch me whenever I almost fell? You told me never to look down and just trust—those were the times you held the bike. Until now, I cannot believe how you managed to bear my weight.

I regret that I wasn’t able to count my tries before finally learning how to ride a mountain bike, that could have given more poetic effect on this one. LOL. And then, there it was.

I was able to ride that bike!!! Trust me when I say that I really felt this was a bigger achievement for me than me being the speaker of 2007’s Valedictory Address (which made me cry right after I mentioned your name. Beverly I. Arcino)

I remember last April 2 of that same year, we biked from Phases 1 to 5 of Golden City. That’s the effect of March 23, 2007 to me. And I owe it all to you, Bestest. Much as I want to make this a book because you are always worth writing about, I can only do a blog post for now with an average length.

And so let me talk about today, March 23, 2014. And the things that happened between 2007’s and 2014’s March 23 in a few paragraphs. Oh yes, I will try my best to be concise. HAHA.

We entered high school in different schools already. It was tough, you know? Living without you? It was tougher than what I thought it would be. We met new friends along the way. I had a freshie bestfriend which betrayed me by the schoolyear’s end, you had a group of real friends from the start. And I was soo happy that you never had to experience my traumas as a high school freshman. Our high school lives continued. I met Anna Theresa Borja in HRSDC. You met Kaye Villanueva in RC. We had new bestfriends, but it was so amazing how we managed to stick until the end. You went to La Salle Dasma, I went to UPLB. We’ve had new barkadas again. We’ve had more experiences which didn’t include each other in their respective plots—a reason for other friendships to grow cold. But no, ours was different. They are actually reasons to look forward all the more to seeing each other because we have more stories to share. For you, more dogs coming in your house, and for me, more food in LB and more crushes which we “codenamed” through school supplies. I thought June 18, 2004, our anniversary, will not be the same as the next June 18’s. Wrong.

Every single step of the way, we shared the same security that no one, and no kind of spectacular friendship which we will soon find those times, can ever ever water down the IMPACT of each other’s place in our hearts. We saw how our elementary batchmates changed, just like we did. We saw them change to each other, too. After all, high school is generally really the most fun ride a student would ever experience. But I am thankful that,

THOUGH MANY THINGS AND PEOPLE AND FACTS CHANGED AROUND US, NOTHING ACTUALLY CHANGED BETWEEN US.Except that, our friendship grew deeper. God brought us closer to each other despite the fact that we only saw each other for three or four times when we were in high school. (one or two times in 2008, May 28, 2009, October 23, 2009. Then next, we were already college by July 16, 2011 when we celebrated the debut of your elder sister, which is also my friend, ate Monica) Looking back, I realized, I never lived without you after all.

We were never apart. No, not a moment. We were just taught by Jesus to value each other more; He taught us the value of real togetherness. It’s not exactly about going to the same school or college together, or me making sandwiches for you or you bringing Knick Knacks for me so we could have our daily picnics in the classroom whenever recess came. It’s not about singing with our songhits and song books whenever the teacher’s outside, or us playing the Tic Tac Toe every Friday (do you know that I kept all of our papers? :3 It’s so sad I don’t know where they are now) while everyone else decides to go to the playground and, malamang play… It’s not about us being able to exchange over five hundred letters from 2004 to 2007, or about us Trick or Treating with our hands held together while all of our classmates used two hands to open their candies and lollipops. It’s not even about us writing so fast just so we can win our daily lecture note-taking race when we were in Grade 5. HAHAHA.

It’s not about all of those things. Togetherness, only happens in one place: the heart. And I must say that ever since you went to Rogationist College and I to different schools since that June, that’s when, ironically, we even became “MORE TOGETHER.”

Today is March 23, 2014. And today, you made me realize that, just like biking, you will never give up on me and I will never give up on you. We will never give up on what we have and ALWAYS will have. Today, we see these pictures. Of our current selves :) Above shows a happy Beverly in Virginia USA! While here’s a happy me in Massachusetts USA. Haha. This was us seven years ago, wearing our togas. And I bet, we weren’t able to foresee that God, the Author of our friendship which will last until Judgment Day and Eternity, had written moments like these seven years after. When we were in Grade 4, all our letters contained were our love expressions, clinginess, dreams and childhood wishes especially this one thing:

Sana hanggang Grade 6 magkaibigan tayo ha, yung bestfriends.” You don’t love violet, don’t you? HAHA. Best of friends nga tayo :3 Mine was a pink suitcase though, and a blue passport holder. Today I see these pictures, and I just can’t help but be super proud of you! ON THE JOB TRAINING IN VIRGINIA. GO MAKE THE PHILIPPINES PROUD :) SHOW ‘EM AMERICANS HOW PASSIONATE WE FILIPINOS ARE! BESTEST, KAYA MO YAN. KAW PA? Today, you made me realize that just like biking, I just have to never look down what might make me fall, but just look straight ahead.

This was me in New Jersey, “holding” the Statue of Liberty. LOL. Thanks to my awesome uncle Jhojho Baquiran for taking it. With my fellow Filipino delegates. Woohoo, #PILIPINASREPRESENT A fun moment when I was treated to Shake Shack by a Harvard student.

Finally, today, March 23, 2014, Beverly, who my December, 24, 2010-self described as my “Irreplaceable Childhood Bestfriend” taught me, that just like biking, I just have to let go of my fears and trust. For God, the center of our Forever-Friendship, will enable us to ride our circumstances in a straight path—that leading towards Him. We both don’t know what the future holds for us, but there’s one thing I am sure of: We both know that Jesus wrote More Wonderful Moments for us in the years to come, not only in the Philippines, but Around The World.

And those, will be, better than our irreplaceable memories of childhood charades, Tic Tac Toe Fridays, Elementary Trick or Treats, Daily Note-Taking Races, noisy picnics, or songbook moments. Our future will even be better than that day, when you taught me how to ride a bike.

PS. I love you forever.
"From Having Traumas To Having A Story Worth Telling"(by Grace Eclavea’s nostalgic and emotional self. Okay sobrang daming hugot nito…)

My words feel intimidated to describe this brave, young world changer, and how she made me feel. She, being the one who I used to comfort when she cries, now made me cry because of this blog post she wonderfully composed. My writing styles and techniques can’t just find their way to chase those perfect words to say how much she is worth admiring. And moreover, how much this blog post was moving.

It made my memories flash back before my eyes, so vivid, like a movie. My Highschool Life. Especially that it’s March and that I always love to reminisce. Styles might just interfere with emotions and the way they want to be expressed, for at times, the way we want to express them is NOT they way they want to be released.

So maybe it’s best to be straightforward. Her name is Steph. Also a teenager. A promising world changer.

She’s someone I met through my inbox, months ago. She told me that my story inspired her to bring back her faith to its burning state. If you read my blog regularly, my answers were published publicly, so you’d see that watch-your-steph tumblr asked me some questions before. Questions and comments that really touched me. Questions that made me dig my history. I have always felt like she was my Tumblr Little Sister.

We haven’t met yet, but we share the same story—being a victim of bullying almost forever despite of having still-imperfect BUT good-and-genuine hearts which our true friends and God Himself, have always witnessed. As we grew up, we faced so many PROBLEMS, STORMS, AND EMOTIONAL BREAKDOWNS IN THE PAST due to injustices, discrimination and conspiracies. We’ve had trials you’ld only see in novels, or movies, or TV series. Like Mean Girls or Easy A.

We’re normal students like everyone else, we fail and succeed at times, but we do NOT have normal stories. We’ve undergone some things that thirteen year old’s don’t usually get in a classroom setting. For every one million students, I bet there’s only 3 like us. Sorry this sounds proud. And this post can be really annoying, especially when you’re among the blind items who will never get named anyway. But hello, freedom of expression. (Ang dami ko talagang hugot ngayon. Haha.)

We have had the same suicidal thoughts, only that, she listened to Him when He said “Stop, my Child.” While here I was, I attempted twice when I was clinically depressed last year (which caused my Leave of Absence. More on this story in my from-depression-to-recovery blog). We also share the same faith in Christ, our Savior and Redeemer.

Yes, we have never met, but we have exchanged long Tumblr messages telling each other about our stories. I remember when I was cheering her up, telling her not to give up.. Because God has great great plans for her, Plans to prosper her and not to harm her. Plans to give her hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11)

And that, it is just darkest before dawn. True enough, as always, God proved to be faithful. She just faced the new chapter in her life now at somewhere new, where all her past traumas are complete strangers.

It took me some time before I was able to read all her new messages, and wow, a while ago, God led me through her blog. I used to look at her Tumblr because I was so concerned if she was still feeling the same. She used to reblog depression and emo posts before, which burdened me to send her continuous encouragements. She has that strong potential which she wasn’t able to see before. A while ago, however, I SAW A LITTLE LINK ON HER BLOG.

It says, “blog” I was like, Oh my gosh she has another blooooog!

*Clicks* When I saw it, wow, it says “PRETTY LITTLE DREAMER” I was so happy for her because usually people who suffered from depression don’t just gain that power to dream again.

For the first time, I stalked her. Wow, she loves fashion, too! And photographs. And music. And coffee! Hooray. I checked her bio. Turns out, we share the same inner reality—unicorns, fairies, idealism…We’re both writers and fangirls, too. Though she’s the only Book Butterfly :3 

AND WE’RE BOTH LIBRA! But these hit me the most.

"I’m emotional. I tend to over analyze things too much. I use my brain but when it comes to affairs of the heart, it completely shuts down." ESPECIALLY THIS:

"I’m also a survivor of the cruel world we call High School." I almost wanted to cry. Me, either, Tumblr Little Sister.

Though I choose to say that my High School Life was so movie worthy, it’s actually because it has had its epic joys and epic sadness. My High School History (Few Glimpses) (Skip if you want to read my reaction to her inspiring post already)

My second year in Legacy of Wisdom Academy of Dasmarinas was very memorable, but I was bullied for months at first (as a transferee) because I immediately became the Top 1 and I was the teacher’s whistle blower when it comes to the usual high school cheating culture. (no pride intended, just stating the facts) I remember always running to Ma’am Nanz, the school Principal for her to give me a plastic bag because I was having serious asthma attacks due to occasional emotional breakdowns. Oh yes, I always had the heart which I describe as good and genuine and desires the best for her lovedones, but I was always aware that I have attitude problems and childish acts. I had the worst temper in the world.

But months after, we became close and good friends already. Yey. LWAD gave me more opportunities to deal with different kinds of people and to know myself better and to share myself to the world with confidence. Second Year Justice was a good family after all. Everything I went through were just periods of adjustments. I love Legacy, though I only spent nine months there (because I transferred at exactly July 1, 2008 due to let me call it “academic and social and spiritual emergency”) I consider it to be the Second Best School I have ever been to. (I have been in 6 before I entered UPLB) THEN, THIRD YEAR AND FOURTH YEAR CAME,

AND GOD MADE ME RISE UP TO THE FULLEST EXTENT THAT MY HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT SELF CAN BE. Holy Redeemer School of Dasmarinas, Cavite was the best thing that happened to my life as a pre-college student. Being a Redeemian gave me the foundation to being the World Changer UPLB student that I am now.

Though, I was still bullied when I was a transferee. Same reason: I beat the resident Top 1 since KINDER -_- And I’m like, when will this issue ever leeeeave me. I’m tired of parents going to the Principal’s Office complaining about my surname "Sino yang Eclavea na yan at naging Top 1 agad e transferee? E ang galing galing ng apo ko top 1 mula pagkabata a????" (September 2009)

Being the confrontational person that I always were, I was always frank to my classmates who raise an eyebrow whenever I give oral reports or recite in class. My accent, maybe due to English being my mother tongue (first language) always cause “parinigs” and “bulungans” and “class-codes” I was such a laughing stock. And so, I always looked like the arrogant and the bad one. When the truth was, I was always the one real enough even when teachers are around. (Thankfully, when this girl and I became classmates again in the Star Section the following year, we became close and we’re even in the same “tropa” or clique.) Fast forward (third year life), God intervened, and I managed to be the Top 1 throughout the end of my junior year, not only to 3B PM but among the six sections of the whole third year class. God is always a God of Justice. I also had acquaintances from ALL OVER THE SCHOOL from Grade 1 to my seniors. YES. From Grade 1. Na ngayon ay Grade 4 na. A proof that I wasn’t necessarily an unlikable person. I was always the crowd’s favorite. Though maybe 10% of them were my haters. LOL. Seriously though, I was always within ANYONE’S reach. I never let my top or my Champion titles get in the way of connecting with potential lifetime friends, whatever their status, or top, or religion is. For I believe that friends are the real trophies in life. Certificates can’t comfort you when you’re down or can shout for you when you receive another one of their like; it is your barkada that cries and laughs with you. I was always confident and ready to conquer the world but I remained humble, as they said. (Though I am tempted to be proud when I am insulted)

But the main reason why Steph’s line, “I’m also a survivor of the cruel world we call High School.” really made me cry figuratively was this: MY FRESHMAN YEAR.

Spell HELL(ish). Spell trauma.

Spell injustice. Spell conspiracy.

Spell anything no student would want to undergo to. In a random set of words, here’s what happened: underground bullying, stolen books, conspiracy incidents, “bestfriend” betrayal, tipping point, personal academic competition, rumors against me, me breaking down now and then, three lost book frame ups, my parents frequenting the Principal’s Office, the whole first year class confrontation at the same office by January (20, I guess) 2008 with my parents and one of my classmates’ parents. And the biased adviser. Lastly, ACADEMIC INJUSTICE.

My grades, which I worked hard for, were stolen from me. My Dad had proof; he always knew how to compute the grades. Oo na, competitive kami e. But there was never anything personal on our side. It’s just that, my parents raised me up to be someone BRAVE enough to FIGHT for my rights, because I cannot stand up for the voiceless if I can’t EVEN defend my own voice.

If I was REALLY the Top 2, so be it. Let it be. Kahit Top 10 pa nga or kahit WALA e. Basta ba everything was done out of honesty. OUT OF INTEGRITY. :) No politics, no bias. (Disclaimer: I have forgiven ALL of the people involved here, I am just making a point in this post. In fact, I am acquaintances with them already as of now and we’re in good terms. (Though there never was a formal closure and admission from the people involved. It’s just that time passed and we decided to move on.) And should they read this, this post shouldn’t change that because they themselves know the truth, if not directly, then definitely they know it subconsciously. And this wasn’t done to malign their names, but to help the people who are currently undergoing the same. We’re okay now—God is a god of Reconciliation :D )

In my 12 years in school spent in 6 different campuses before entering UPLB, there’s this one student who beat me. His name is Kim Almer Frani. We were in Grade 1 back then at Logos Christian Academy. Yet, we were always in good terms. Because HE DID NOT BULLY ME TO GET THE TOP SPOT. He didn’t steal my books. He didn’t tell my classmates to ignore me or raise eyebrows against me or make “parinigs.” He was always honest. No need to tell the teachers some lies about me. No need for fake tears. No need for feigning “kawawaness.” No need for framing me up so that people would think that I was the bad girl.

I was Kim Almer’s Top 2 but guess what I was still supportive of him. And yes, I vividly remember moments ever since I was Kinder. Photographic memory, it is. This I think is my best defense against the bullies. I can always write books about them and about overcoming people like them even when I turn fifty. But going back to my high school history, there it was. The always-loving principal then said, after we presented the evidence of tampered grades with five teachers involved, she said

"Wag na po kayo magreklamo sa DepEd, Mr. and Mrs. Eclavea, parang awa niyo na po, bawiin na lang ni Grace next year, mas magaling naman po talaga siya. So for the first month, I was still in that Science High School. But no, June pa lang, I saw signs of planned conspiracy again to hinder me from being the Top 1—eh I need that because we don’t have money to pay the tuition fee every year.

There was this class wherein a professor made a beauty pageant on the spot. He was asking for volunteers. Of course, I was the first one to raise my hand. Every class was an opportunity to defend what was stolen from me. GUESS WHAT? He chose three people. Who did not even volunteer. Turns out, it would be a BIG PART OF THE GRADE. I disappeared. My family needed a new environment. The rumors of Academic Year 2007-2008 were successful enough for some parents to talk negatively about my name and my family name—that we were just bitter, and that I have always been undeserving. Yes—it’s a school which I bet teaches COMPETITIVENESS above any other value. Every quarter, exam topnotchers are posted downstairs for the world to see. I loved it—I was sanguine ever since. (Gets?) (SangMel though) It also promoted transparency. But before I got cheated, (March 27, 2008 was our Recognition Day) there were no postings already. Fishy things going on.

My family transferred to Salawag, and I studied at the school where my cousins used to study. Life was so much better though like what I said, there were periods of adjustment. My last two years in highschool were the best. I finally found my dream school, yung maypanghapon (haha, di ko kaya whole day e i was never the person who wakes up early) may newspaper (it was always my goal to be an EIC, and God gave me that opportunity by 2011), nagJJS sa 5 star Hotels, laban ng laban sa interschool stuff, may seryosong CAT and rifle drills, MALAKI, SO THE COMPETITION IS TOUGHER, AND THEREFORE, MORE FUN. :3 May English Club pa.

I joined everything. Almost, I mean. Not because I wanted to steal all the spotlight—I was never that kind of person though I always loved my own share of the spotlight. But because, I don’t know why but God gave me a dozen gifts or more—and I didn’t want to waste any of them. March 31, 2011 came, and God gave me impromptu words from the heart which I spoke for twenty seven minutes. *With tears* Longest Valedictory Address, maybe. But the students, parents, and even the Principal cried with me. It was my “Third Day”

It was my High School Life’s Easter Sunday. :’( It was VICTORY. It was, finally, JUSTICE. Vindication. No need for DepEd. The successes God gave me were enough by themselves.

Victory not only because of medals, but because of REAL medals—LIFETIME FRIENDSHIPS. In my private blogspot, I said last 2011, “Friends are the real trophies in life.” Indeed, they still are and they forever will be.

My highschool life was a roller coaster movie-worthy ride. So yes, STEPH, weeee, appear! We both survived the cruel—but let me add the word “Wonderful”—world called High School.

The Post’s Impact, The College Life, The Recent Relevance My college life was very colorful, until the tipping point made it black and white. I thought the crab mentality culture and dirty politics would leave me alone. Wrong. In UP, it was worse. UP is like a microcosm of the real world. Maybe every college campus is. Though I am not referring to maligned grades here, my professors always had integrity. I especially thank the two teachers who gave me two singko’s. I deserved them. In fact, I needed those 5’s for my Character Building class in the school called life.

I don’t want to capitalize so much about the college “belittled moments” anymore, I think I have posted enough in the past and it was already concluded officially and formally last December 2013 with admission and apologies. I am now in good terms with the person. Thanks, God :) Though, the other upperclass who framed me up for losing 270 pesos last August 19, 2013 in our old apartment never admitted her lie. We’re not enemies now, but we just don’t exist in each other’s lives. (I WILL NOT NAME DROP, FUTURE ASKERS, EVEN IF WE’RE B1B2 CLOSE BUDDIES. ) Anyway, moving on, when you read Steph’s blog post, it’s about her bliss when she experienced New York Times Square. And I was almost there. :’(

We could have met. Awwww. Dear Author of Moments, You write veeeery well. ;)

She migrated last February 15 I guess (based on my blog-stalking) I was in Harvard from February 17 to February 22, then missed my flight because I was always a procrastinator. Then God wrote moments for me in New York from 23 to 25. Then 26 to 28 in Jersey City. March, finally I’m back to my beloved Philippines. She migrated to NEW JERSEY with her family. (Oh yes, after a series of depressing events and bullying incidents and worse problems na samin na lang) We really could have met. Sayang :3 Di bale, next time, we wil meet.

And hey, Tumblr Little Sister, when we meet, we will praise the Lord for bringing us where we are now. We will cry over our tear-jerking traumas in the past, but not out of sadness, but out of thanksgiving. For God has entrusted us those kind of trials other students wouldn’t be able to bare (that’s why they were given another different kind of crisis, which baka tayo naman yung di rin maka-bare)

We both stopped our studies for a while due to depression and oh yes, financial stress. But, hey, when people pulled us down, GOD ALWAYS PULLED US UP. We have testimonies to share to the world.

In the future, we will have bigger problems as we face the real world which has even DIRTIER POLITICS, but through His grace, which is always beyond sufficient, will keep us firm in the Word that we are standing up for. We will make a difference. We were bullied for a reason.

WE HAVE TO VOICE OUT FOR THE VOICELESS. Ladies and gentlemen, do you feel suicidal right now? Are you vicitms of bullying and conspiracies? Or maybe you’re one of the students cheated by some teachers with NOT A HINT of integrity and so you lost the grades you HONESTLY worked hard for? And yes, every year, thousands of students get traumatized by that. Yes, it also happens here in the Philippines. A lot. Private or Public. Nonsectarian or Christian. Many school have victimized such excellent students that threatened the Teacher’s Pet. I know a lot of stories. Many of my friends experienced the same.

The good thing is, we are all in UP now while all the ones favored over us FAILED THE UPCAT. Spell JUSTICE.

Whatever stage you are in your life now, whatever injustice is that, always remember, that Like A Bowing Arrow, God launches you for something big. REALLY BIG. Look at Steph, she was so depressed before. She was always bullied (though I still don’t know what the reasons were) by some of the people around her. And just like me, she focused on them more than the people appreciating her.

But now, things are different. Steph, you said my label fits me now— Grace 2.0

I tell you, Congratulations! STEPH, TWO POINT ZERO. :) You are no longer the bullied. But of course, you can’t be the bully.

You will be the bullied’s lawyer. You will be Salt and Light to our needy negative world. One day, you will share your story to the world. Every detail. From the past ruins to the glorious triumphs.

And yes, together, we’ll say to the world, “IF YOU DREAM BIG, YOU WILL GET BIG.”

And so if you, dearly loved reader, is being pulled down right now. Whether be i n your family or in your classroom or in your workplace or in your affiliation, You don’t have to take vengeance. It always belongs to God.

Crying to Daddy God is always better than complaining to Human Imperfect Authorities who are also colored with biases. When you are pulled down?

The best revenge? DREAM BIG.

Then love your enemies. Love is what the world badly needs. The Love, of your very Upholder, your Lawyer, Jesus Christ.

bakengkeng asked: Idol Eclavea pupunta ka sa graduation namin! :-) Omeygad. HAHAHA! Naalala ko tuloy nung pumunta ka sa school akala mo 1st year ako. Ikaw ba yung mag iispeech? Excited na ko :D Hindi na tayo nakakapag chat. Gusto ko sana makipag kwentuhan sayo eh. ^_^

Hello! Hahaha kwentuhan tayo sa Graduation niyo, sasabayan ko kayo sa pag iyak :3 Mehehe. Naalala ko rin yon mukha ka kasing first year dahil barkada mo sila e.

By the way, hindi ako yung magsspeech. Di ko pa time ;) I bet si Kuya Norman Gatdula of the blog Sharp Shoot Reviews, and HRSDC Valedictorian Class of 2009 ang magsasalita, bilang college graduate na siya and CUM LAUDE, VALEDICTORIAN (again) OF SAN BEDA 2013. And yet  forever humble.

Grabe magproduce ng graduates ang HOLY REDEEMER SCHOOL OF DASMARINAS, CAVITE. :) HRSDC is the best indeed. #soproudandgratefulfortheRedeemianblood

Oki see you soon, king! Say hi to your batchmates for me :)) Mahal ko kayo, Redeemians!

An abrupt walk from place to place with my dream org's leader

  • Kuya Roman: Ngayon lang kita nakasama ng ganito ang saya mo pala kasama haha
  • Me: Awwww haha thanks!! Kaw din. Dinner na kasi soon! Natutuwa ako sa mga taong natutuwa sakin for who I am, yung mga abnormal kong tawa and endless kwentos. Some, or most think kasi na ang annoying and I can't blame them.
  • Him: Nakakatuwa ka kaya Grace *greets* *greets* *greets peeeeeeople*
  • Me: Hala nakakapitong tao ka nang nababati ako isa pa lang? HAHA ang dami mong kakilalaaaa
  • Us: *enters Jollibee Centtro*
  • Him: *greets some more (his eighth acquaintance that night) * Haha syempre ganun talaga. Nakakatawa naman binilang mo pala mga nabati ko? Nakakatawa ka talaga haha. *changes mind from jollibee to batcave, sends GM to UPMUN*
  • Me: Ngayon lang ako nakameet ng mas marami ang nababati sakin HAHA
  • Us: *enters batcave* *greets mutual friends*
  • Me: O quits na tayo kuya! *remembers that he met ten more people along the way* Ay sige ikaw na.
  • Me: *First time to meet a leader as humble as him*
  • Us: *later, dinner with UP MUN*
  • Me: *flies away* (I am not a part yet of the org though they tell me that I'm a part of their family :3 )

Anonymous asked: Hi! can I ask how were you able to join the Harvard Conference 2014? How long is the conference? Help me reach my big dreams, thank you! :)

Hi, World Changer! I passed my GPA, resume, made essays and got interviewed via Skype last December. I applied through hpair.org  :) Thanks to Insight Computer 26 hahaha dun kasi ako nagpc (okay sorry alam ko irrelevant) Lance Katigbak, a former UP Diliman debater who became a scholar at Harvard University posted about it at the Philippine Debate Union Facebook Group. And that’s the start of how my life changed. :3 I hope to invite more friends soon. This August, is another HPAIR Conference. Join :) Let us do what we can, for God will do what we can’t :) If God is with us, nothing and noone can ever stop us.

I wish you introduced yourself :3 Though, you can always send me a private message on facebook and I can give you more tips that way since you can send me more specific questions :) Don’t worry, I won’t be selfish, I am actually writing something that will share my life changing experiences there, so that they hopefully change your lives too. Super daming lessons e.

Daldal ko no? Sorry mehehe. God bless :) 4 days pala yung conference, I arrived at the last day but I still learned a lot. I also gatecrashed to other study groups and fora and free events for more learning. And sat in to some classes. More, more learning. Excited to share them with you.

Lastly, if you’re from LB, thanks to YOU-PLB for believing in me :) Thaaaank you for every support and PMs on facebook telling me not to give up.

Whoever you are, don’t give up. God is with you, and never forget your friends, too. For friends are the real achievements in life :)

bakengkeng asked: IDOL Eclavea! Ang laki ng banner mo sa school HAHA :)

Oh my gosh I am so overwhelmed. You can do that, too! If Jesus can do it in my life, He can certainly do it in your lives as well. The only question now is, will you let Him? Will you believe? :) See you soon! I was invited to your Graduation. Holy Redeemer School is the best school EVER.

Thanks for making me the world changer that I am now. I love you, HRSDC. :) Gailngan mo ha, galingan niyo lahat, The World Needs YOUth!

A while ago, it was first time to cry immediately as I saw my victory groupmates. I rushed to the fifth floor and as soon as I saw them and got near them, tears just started bursting and it seemed like I had an asthma attack. Ate Karla immediately offered her seat and got another one for her.

The Word stopped for a while because they were comforting me. I couldn’t help to share what happened just minutes before that.

Thankfully, I was revived by the message given by Mishi. Will definitely blog about this as soon as I got the time. :’)

"Servant Leadership begins when entitlement ends."

Thank You, Lord, always remind me that I should love the way You do.

And that all that I do, any place I go to, everything in my life, is all about You.

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Gate 1 #harvard #cambridge #boston  (at Harvard Business School)

Thank you for bringing me here GOD.

I would like to bring UPLB’s Honor and Excellence to HU this August 2014 until May 2016. 

But then, let Your awesome will be done. :3

I trust Your writing skills, Author of Moments! ;)


Gate 1 #harvard #cambridge #boston (at Harvard Business School)

Thank you for bringing me here GOD. I would like to bring UPLB’s Honor and Excellence to HU this August 2014 until May 2016. But then, let Your awesome will be done. :3 I trust Your writing skills, Author of Moments! ;)

Janessa. She’s finally eighteen. :3

She was first “Kuting” to me.
A classmate at NASC 2 two years ago, a stranger.
Last January 26, 2012, she asked me to take a picture of her and her friend, Jezza if I’m not mistaken, at the DL Umali Auditorium.

^This was her in highschool.

^While this is her facebook profile picture now. :3

She’s introvert. Weird. Quirky.

But she’s loving. Brilliant. Real.

She graduated as the Valedictorian of her batch, and was one of the Top Ten Outstanding Students of the Philippines. She is now one of the few genius chosen SM scholars.

Her name’s Janessa, and she happens to be the best of all my female friends in the University that lies in the green lands of LB. :3

She’s my “bebe.” HAHAHA. We call each other that LOLOLOL.

She’s like my father’s daughter as well, so being an only girl, it’s like I finally had a sister.

When I was clinically depressed, she was my shock absorber.

I always, define ALWAYS, shocked her in her apartment with all my never-ending tears.

She saw me at my worst.

She almost gave up on me because I abused her kindness by crying to her for almost a year, straight.

I have heard rumors about her.

Rumors saying that say she’s a backstabber. A fake person. A user.

Some two people, we both know, even told me, "Hay nako, Grace, kawawa ka naman, you trust Janessa that much? She’s your bestfriend?"

Yes, I have heard a lot of rumors about her.



All fake.

She is even FAR BETTER than the people who told me to avoid her, not trust her, and who said all the negative things about her.

A BAPhlo junior at UPLB, being the introvert that she is, well you must really be blessed once you get the chance to know her beyond her mataray or at least cold-faced and stoic facade.

She is a woman of brave heart, a woman of character.

She has underwent a lot that brought her this kind of unique maturity and strength.

She is a definite achiever, yet she keeps her humility in tact.

She is loved.

By Aaron, me, her bestfriend, and her friends.

She is rare.

She is Janessa Joy Bongkahig,

and she’s one true person out of all the fake people walking on the face of the Earth. :3

She’s turning eighteen today.

And, and, I just want to release all the things I want to say.


In this two years of knowing each other, I just want to let you know that I am beyond grateful to the Lord for giving me someone like you. Such a good person. You may not be born to be sweet and clingy and all that. but, isa kang napakamabuting tao. I love you po. :3

Kulang ang mga scrapbooks at random food surprises ko sayo para iexpress ang pasasalmat ko sa Kanya for having this privilege of knowing you in a deep level :)

Our friendship is burning, please don’t let it go ;)

Ah basta, I love you Janene.

HAHAHA. Mag UNO ka nawa forever and ever. I believe in all of your dreams. God is with you. I, too.

Always here for you, honey! *wink wink*

The picture in my lost wallet. :’( :))

By the way, yes, dear readers, he’s Dan Paulo Flores :)

(c) Isabel Quinones of Sab Voyage 

This was shot last December 11, 2013 at UPLB’s Main Library. I mean, behind it, obviously. (It was exactly a week after we first met, and two days after we first became close)

I am so thankful for him. He’s simply the most thoughtful and caring person I know that every day I wish he was one of my biological brothers.

But, we have different genes and parents e.

I cannot change it.

Okay na rin.

At least, I am secure that we super love each other as if we were. :))

He’s one protective kuya, you guys.

HAHA, o ha, kala niyo boy friend ko no. :P

No, we have no hope when it comes to romance. Promise. Promise po.
HAHAHA, those rooting for us, we’re just so sorry that we’re gonna fail you guys. LOL.

This is the best platonic love I know, yung, yung, as in magkapatid kayo na parang tunay na tunay. :))

Tapos, magsasara na pala itong so computer shop. So there :)

*clicks Post*

The picture in my lost wallet. :’( :))

By the way, yes, dear readers, he’s Dan Paulo Flores :)

(c) Isabel Quinones of Sab Voyage

This was shot last December 11, 2013 at UPLB’s Main Library. I mean, behind it, obviously. (It was exactly a week after we first met, and two days after we first became close)

I am so thankful for him. He’s simply the most thoughtful and caring person I know that every day I wish he was one of my biological brothers.

But, we have different genes and parents e.

I cannot change it.

Okay na rin.

At least, I am secure that we super love each other as if we were. :))

He’s one protective kuya, you guys.

HAHA, o ha, kala niyo boy friend ko no. :P

No, we have no hope when it comes to romance. Promise. Promise po.
HAHAHA, those rooting for us, we’re just so sorry that we’re gonna fail you guys. LOL.

This is the best platonic love I know, yung, yung, as in magkapatid kayo na parang tunay na tunay. :))

Tapos, magsasara na pala itong so computer shop. So there :)

*clicks Post*

"I miss you. I can never be mad at you, Grace. I…"

— Dan Paulo Flores

"No, no. I’m done. I’m done with whatever this is."

— Pitch Perfect

"You’re gonna miss me when I’m gone."

— Pitch Perfect

Elay and I #besties

Time flies so fast and changes happen now and then…

But there is something permanent that happens when you meet true friends.

You go places and you meet new faces,

yet your love remains the same.

It’s something so rare that you can’t describe

especially today when true friendships are something you can’t just find.

So you find one, hold it until forever.
Say yes to loyalty, and to betrayals, say never.

Maria Elijah Ferias, so this were we, four years ago,
and you just had your debut, a while ago.

Time flies so fast, but always remember, I will always be here for you til the last :)

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